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How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

This post is for the entrepreneurs who are using Social Media to attract clients

Do You Have a Facebook Group?

Hey everyone! It's Sarah here from Design You Marketing. I wanted to share some helpful tips on why your business should start a Facebook Group in addition to your Facebook Page. Are you asking yourself, “Huh? What’s the difference Sarah?” or “Umm yeah…that sounds like a lot of work”? Well, then you may be missing some huge opportunities to grow your business!

Using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business is a no-brainer. It also can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best way to utilize it. In this post I would like to focus on explaining the difference between your Facebook Page and a Facebook Group (from a marketing standpoint).

Your Facebook business page should look and feel like your brand and be a point of contact for your clients. It’s your business profile, and like your website, it shows you are in business and you should update it regularly. Maybe you’ve shared your posts and received some likes, but it’s really not driving people to contact you on a regular basis. Sound familiar?

But, wouldn’t it be great if you could build a community around a topic that your clients would all be interested in or benefit from? You could market to them and help them at the same time. There is an emotional connection when you are able to show yourself to a group of people, tell your story, offer advice, while being there when your services or products are needed. This can be done through a Facebook Group.

I recommend naming your Facebook Group based on your potential clients needs rather than your company name. For example, which group would you be more apt to join? A group called Design You Marketing, OR a group called Digital Marketing Made Easy for the Self-Employed. Your group needs to have value for people to join. And, when someone is searching to join a group, they would be more likely to join if they can get value from the group. That’s why the name of it is very important. If you are marketing through social media, this is something to definitely strive towards.

How can you support your potential clients through your group? If someone is getting all their advice and engaging with you regularly, who are they going to contact when they actually need to hire someone that provides your type of services or products? YOU….the expert that they’ve been watching, learning about, and engaging with.

So think of your Facebook Business Page as your: business profile, brochure, catalog of services/products, point of contact, funnel to your website, portfolio, advertisement

And, think of your Facebook Group as your community, your tribe, a place to help potential clients, a place to tell your story, offering advice, networking, etc. So wake up tomorrow, grab your coffee and come up with some Facebook Group names and grow your community.

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