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How To Replace a Photo on Your Wix Website

Here is a simple tutorial on how to replace a photo on your Wix website. Whether you have designed your own site or if a site was transferred to you from another designer, it's easy to replace a photo on the website that you've purchased through Wix. ----- Video Transcription Hi everybody it's Sarah from Design You Marketing and today I'm going to show you how to swap out a photo on your Wix website. This is one of my pre-made Wix website templates. If you purchased one of the Wix website templates from me, you will get them pre-loaded with these photos, but you can swap them out with your own or you can keep them depending on what you're doing. To edit the photo, you go down here to “change image” and you can click media from Wix and search photos on Wix for free. You can search photos in Shutterstock and through the Wix website they are to $2.99 each or you can search through Unsplash, but I'm going to upload a new photo. What I like to do when I upload a photo is go down to tags and edit tags. These are keywords that help with search engine optimization so you can keep some of the ones they suggest or you can add your own. I'm going to add fitness, weightlifting. So, you make sure it's clicked still and you choose image and there you go. It's as simple as that and you can go through your website and add any photos you would like to show. You can swap out this photo and say you want to get a free stock photo from I will search. Bam! It's that easy. If you guys have any questions free to go to and on the contact page you can send me a message. Have a great day!

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