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Six of the 1,000,000 Reasons Why You Should Have a Website

When you are in need of a certain product or service, what is the first thing you do? (I’ll give you a hint…it rhymes with zoogle fit). Right! You google it. “But, Sarah, I only buy products or hire someone for their services when someone gives me a referral because I don’t trust searching for rando’s online.” Awesome! So my next question is…When someone refers you to a product or service that you need, what is the first thing you do? You most likely go to their website. Here are six reasons that your small business should have a website.


People expect companies to have a website. We live in a digital age where consumers want to see and know if a company is legit and reflects a solution to whatever need they have. If they want a great landscaping company and there are two local companies; one of which the only information you have about them is a phone number; and one that has a website with beautifully landscaped houses, contact info, FAQ’s, lawn care tips, testimonials, and other things…you most likely will choose the latter. You can see they are established and they’ve invested in their business. They’re not messing around!

You Can’t Solely Rely on Social Media

First off, you don’t own Facebook or Instagram…well..unless Mark Zuckerberg is reading this. But, for everyone else, to rely solely on social media for selling your products/services is not a good idea. Social media platform trends change and the algorithms are making it harder and harder for consumers to find you organically. Should you use them for marketing purposes? Abso-freakin-lutely! But, always funnel potential buyers/clients to your website. There is so much more potential for opportunities.

Personal Brand and Narrative

Your website is your storefront! It’s a piece of virtual space where YOU control the narrative. This is where people read your story, see your images, get a feel for your business, and decide whether to hire you or buy from you. This is where you attract the customers you want. And google sees you (with some good SEO) and says “hey you searching for organic hand lotion…look over here! I think you’ll find what you’re looking for on this website!”

Email & Data Collection

You can build a list without even looking. Email lists are one of the most important things you can build if you are selling products or services. It’s a list of people that WANT to hear from you. They actually said…”you seem of value, sign me up!”. If Facebook/Instagram/Twitter shut down tomorrow, would your business crumble to the ground or would you have a substantial website with a valuable list of past and future customers that you could communicate with?

Time Saver

If you have a well designed website, a visitor will be able to see exactly what you can do for them, answer basic questions they have, and be provided contact information immediately. Can you imagine how many calls Applebees would get asking what time they close if they DIDN’T have a website? Yikes!

Overall Versatility

You get to choose what you offer on your website. You get to choose what photos to display, videos, things to download, coupons, upcoming events…and you get to display them the way that you want. You can share a coupon or a free download on Facebook which will get viewed organically by a limited number of people or you can put it on the front page of your website where every visitor can see it and utilize it. You also can funnel people from all your social media platforms to a specific page or offer.

If you are in business, the first thing you should do is get someone to pay you for your services/products. Then, when you see your potential, invest in a website for crying out loud! If you need help getting started, go to my website I help new businesses build their websites and give them digital marketing advice. Sarah Conti Website Designer

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