Maintenance Hours



Ideal for business owners that:

  • do not have time to update their websites

  • need on-going help after initial website design is uploaded

  • want to add pages to their existing site

  • need in-person meetings to answer questions about the website platforms

  • need print materials edited, but do not have a graphics department

  • need photography services for web or print


Do you have a website that is uploaded, but needs to be edited? I am here to be your website contact to help you edit/upload/add pages or simply to teach you the steps you need to take to edit your own site.

You can also use maintenance hours to redesign your brochures/flyers or other marketing material to reflect your new website design. Whether I'm designing, editing, taking product/services photos, or having an in-person meeting with you, you can pre-purchase maintenance hours to have me fulfill your marketing design needs.